Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Great to see you on the OFFICIAL 'Renovating for Profit' blog.

Cherie Barber and Stephen Tolle (that's us ;) are full time professional renovators.

We threw in our full time jobs halfway through our first renovation project, when we realised we would earn more money on the weekends renovating, than in our full time employment.

In our first year of renovating, we bought, renovated and sold 6 houses with a combined value of AU$6.3 million with no stable income and little money behind us... Since then, we have conducted 36 major renovations and transacted $48.6 million in property.

We believe there is enough wealth for everyone and ANYONE can do it!

Here we will share with you our real life renovation experiences, whilst encouraging you to create independent wealth through property renovations...

After an extremely busy 2009 with our Renovation Riches workshops being a HUGE success all over the country, we are now busy packing for 2 weeks in Bali...

During this time, we will recharge the batteries and gear up for BIG 2010!

If the plans for this year were any hotter, we would need the fire brigade :)

So FIRE up people...

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Cherie and Steve

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